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Our mission is to understand the principles of community and population ecology 

of forest insects &

to provide real-life solutions for forest conservation and sustainability


We are a dynamic group of forest health scientists working at the cutting-edge of our field.  We believe that scientific innovation and breakthroughs are keys to solving many of world's critical problems.  


Our research focuses on many aspects of disturbance ecology, insect-plant interactions, community ecology, chemical ecology, and invasion biology of native and non-native forest insects.

Join us

Join us on the paths to scientific discoveries & to make a real difference in the conservation and management of forests worldwide.  We welcome highly driven and energetic people to our group.

Recent News

Congratulations to Emma Briggs for successfully defending her M.S. thesis. She also started a Ph.D. in our lab!


A bunch of new papers are now published on tornadoes, bark beetles, and pollinators.


Happy new year and welcome to Spring 2024 semester

A welcome to Whit Bolado as our new MFR student in the lab

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